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Effective March 30, we are open for appointment only.  Please book an appointment at the link below or call us at 641-628-1373.

Join the fun!

To celebrate #BikeMonth and many of May's fun activities being cancelled we came up with a way to encourage you and your families to get outside more!

Pre-Order Shirts Available

Click here to pre-order Pelladise shirt

Click here to pre-order Be Dutch shirt

Pre-Order Jersey (COMING SOON)

Free Pick up and Drop Off

We will pick up and drop off bikes that need to be serviced or repaired for free within a 10-mile radius. Call or email ( to request pick up

Buy Ahead

Purchase a gift card and we will mail it to you or you can purchase in-store credit.

Shop Online

Shop on our website and select local delivery or order on the Trek website and select Iowa Bike Co. at checkout to get free delivery within 100 miles.

We want to help and love questions, so send them our way, and as always, feel free to browse and purchase our products online or reach out via phone/email ( with any questions.

We are keeping our heads up and our hearts pointed toward hope. We can’t do business as normal, but we are not going to live in fear. We are encouraging our Iowa Bike Co. team, family, and those around us to be intentional with our actions in the coming days and weeks. Think about what you can do to shine light into others.

The Iowa Bike Co. Team.





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We're here to answer all of your cycling-related questions. Stop by or give us a call today!

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